Liz Sagaser
May 12, 2018

You Can Overcome



Have you ever noticed — the most engaging stories, whether fact or fiction, tend to feature overcomers?

Kerusso® loves to hear stories of brave believers facing their challenges in Jesus’s name! We also know that behind every victorious true tale of faith, there were probably moments of pain, sadness, anger, frustration — even doubt. 

The path to victory in Christ can be riddled with potholes & pitfalls; the journey of faith requires trust, commitment, and perseverance.

Do you know a story like this, or maybe you have lived it?

The couple struggling with miscarriage or infertility.

The family striving to hang on to shelter, unsure of their next meal.

The cancer survivor waiting on God (and the test results).

The business owner trying their hardest, on the brink of failure.

The addict, reaching for love and hope beyond addiction.

The unbeliever, searching desperately for a sign of something more.

Culture teaches us to celebrate happy endings — so much so that we sometimes skip over the good stuff: the part in the middle where God is working mightily in hearts, minds, and circumstances to transform lives, and change the outcome of the story.

In the midst of difficult circumstances, don’t turn inward — turn your face to God; He is walking right beside you. His Word, the Bible, is filled with stories of ordinary people overcoming extraordinary challenges, and He has a good plan for each of His children.

Tragedy, adversity, and loss can’t be solved with conventional wisdom, even if you’re normally the kind of person who makes lemonade out of life’s lemons. But as believers, we know God’s love never fails, and every trial we face is molding our character, shaping our hearts, and refining our faith.

Heavenly Father,

Be present in the midst of my struggles. Guide my footsteps and protect my heart. Help me to see this trial as an opportunity to strengthen and refine my faith in you, and to turn to you in prayer, rather than settling into frustration. The problems I face today are temporary, and your Kingdom in Heaven is forever. Lead me on the path of righteousness, show me your wisdom, and bless me with patience and perseverance for the journey. Amen

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