Liz Sagaser
July 13, 2017

What I learned when my cell phone died & why it made me want to pray more

Communication Breakdown Cell Phone Addicts cropped.jpegRecently, my phone quit working. Not sort of, but all the way. It launched into something called a “Boot Loop” (oh cute, it has a name), where the phone reboots itself perpetually until you toss it angrily out the window of a moving vehicle turn it off. I actually watched, amazed, for several minutes before I gave up and pondered, “What now?”

Maybe you’re like me; a lot of life happens on my phone. (Did I just say that out loud? #smartphones #firstworldproblems)

A few of the million ways I am tied to my cell phone:

  • • We have continued using a great bank in the state where we formerly lived, and while I technically could hop on my laptop to check my balance and pay bills, I do so almost exclusively on my phone. In fact, my phone signs me right in with my fingerprint, and I can “do the bills” in just a few minutes, without even remembering my password.
  • • I check in with my children’s teachers on a handy school texting app. When my son or daughter has a field trip coming up, or special homework sent home, my phone tells me about it. Another app lets me know when it’s time to send lunch money. The school calendar is downloaded to my phone for quick access, too.
  • • My husband works long hours, and some days I don’t see him until the middle of the night. I work from home, and he texts me to ask about weekend plans, suggest quirky birthday party ideas for the kids, or ask me if I’ve picked out a new paint color for the front door. And a million other things. Those texts help us stay on the same page, and some days, they’re the closest we get to a conversation because of his schedule.

  • • Pinterest. I’m not saying I spend a lot of time on #Pinterest ... wait a second. That’s exactly what I’m saying. #pinterestinspired
  • • Both of my best friends live hours and hours away from me. We stay besties because we can text any time and share random articles (and Pins, of course) on topics like “Why the Dishes Won’t Wash Themselves,” “What Does Your Purse-onality Say About You?” and “Should I Get a Dog?” Then, when I do get a dog despite the opinion of the very informative article, and said dog eats my favorite purse (can you still have a purse-onality without a purse?), they can tell me it will be okay; no, I’m not an idiot; and yes, they can’t wait to meet the dog ­– even though they’re also super mad at said furball on behalf of my formerly fabulous handbag. Discussions like this are best had via text; with chocolate in hand, obviously.

You can imagine how I felt when my new so-called friend at the cell phone store said, “Your phone is under warranty, but the screen is cracked, so they won’t take it back. Try the electronics repair shop down the street for a new screen, then we can send it in.” Then my new “friends” at the repair shop said, “This screen’s not in stock, but we can order it; for $229...” I had three groovy new, ahem, friends, but what I didn’t have was a phone. Or $229 for the “tiny digital TV screen” that I required to get my phone fixed under warranty. Sad day.

I waited 48 hours for a phone-related miracle to occur, then relented, and took one of our old phones into the store to be reactivated. Contacts: Gone. Pictures: Gone. Pinterest: Gone.

Well, I can get Pinterest back (and my banking app and Candy Crush), but losing all my contacts and my PICTURES! Of the kids, the dog, the hubs, our recent hiking adventure at Badlands National Park ... all gone. Bummer.

What I learned when my cell phone died

I learned something valuable when my phone died. Something other than, “Don’t drop your phone or the warranty goes bye-bye.” This experience spelled out for me how important communication is, and how painful it is to lose our ability to communicate effectively – even for a short while.

Living without my phone was frustrating, isolating, and left me feeling cut off from the world. How much more spiritually frustrated and isolated must we be, then, when we do not connect often with God in prayer?

The Bible tell us in Philippians 4:6: “Don't worry about anything; instead, pray about everything. Tell God what you need, and thank him for all he has done.” And 1 Thessalonians 5:17 says to “Pray without ceasing.”

Some days I am anxious, worried about finances or my children’s health.

Some days I am angry; the house is a mess, and we’re out of milk just in time for breakfast.

Some days I’m sad; I miss meeting my dear friend for lunch + shopping, and I miss meeting with my writer’s guild friends. I’m tired of snow or rain or wind ... I miss the sun.

Some days I am overjoyed; how did I end up so blessed, with two wonderful children, a loyal husband and a roof over our heads?! Not to mention we live in a beautiful area that is near family. #grateful

What all of these days have in common, though, is the need for Jesus. Whether I reach out to Him in wonder and praise, share my concerns and frustrations, or ask for His mercy and grace to cover a specific challenge, God always picks up. He answers prayer, He listens, and He cares. He longs to hear from me and to provide faith, hope, love, mercy and grace in turn. Not just at the dinner table, or when I have a flat tire, or hit a metaphorical bump in the road; God wants to be the friend we call on first, no matter what the day brings, because we just can’t wait to talk to Him.

Even if God hasn’t heard from you in a while, I promise – He hasn’t lost your number! It is incredible to know how much He loves us – how much He truly wants to hear from us.

And unlike my former cell phone, God’s “phone” – the act of talking through Him through prayer – always works and will never go on the fritz. 

• • •

What’s the longest you could survive without your phone? Are you on it rarely, sometimes, often, or ALL THE TIME? Share your funniest cell phone story in the comments below!  

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