Liz Sagaser
June 01, 2017

Faith & Fashion, From Funniest Fails to Finery

My Fashion Personality has undergone many transformations over the years. I bet every woman reading this has some stories of their own to laugh about! #passionforfashion 

As a elementary-age girl, I remember begging for pink, pink, and nothing but P-I-N-K, pink! Bonus points for glitter and gemstones. Until 7th grade, when my new BFF told me pink was for babies… And I’m pretty sure I didn’t wear pink again until I hit 30. #thinkpink

As a girl, Kerusso blogger Liz Sagaser wanted to wear pink everything all the time – like the Pink Lady of Hollywood, pictured here, who has worn ONLY pink for the last 35 years! Liz laughs now about women's fashion fails and finery, and notes that girls should grow up to know that what we, as women, wear should reflect that we are a grateful child of God, proud of our beauty and our Lord, too.

In high school, I dyed my hair Black Cherry (I’m a natural blonde), pierced my eyebrow while my parents were out of town (the pastor’s wife back home still remembers and it was 20-some years ago), and wore vintage goodies like gas station uniform shirts with a name badge reading “Paul,” and thrift shop sweaters that smelled like mothballs and hadn’t been worn for decades. Poor mom. #punkphase

I have a college-era picture of myself in a strappy, lipstick-red slip dress and fishnet stockings, a glitzy rhinestone barrette in my hair and my handsome husband (we married young) on my arm. I’m a curvy girl, and I remember wondering whether I’d measure up to the other gals-about-town on New Year’s Eve. When I come across that picture, I smile to myself; I looked great – but I didn’t have the confidence to know it back then. #yougogirl #learningtoloveme

For my first real job interview after college, I wore a “serious” black suit and pearls – a graduation gift from my husband. I was nervous, but also ready to take on the world. I actually carried a briefcase to that first interview (who does that anymore?!) The good news? I got the job! And I still think a black suit and classic jewelry make a good first impression. #dressthepart

A few other fashion challenges:

Maternity jeans: Who knew there was such a thing as “jeans on the bottom – stretchy tummy for your bump on top?” We were married ten years before our first little bundle of joy arrived, and she was worth the wait. Good thing I kept all those maternity clothes for when her brother arrived 22-months-and-2-days later. #babyjoy

Shopping for my daughter: Ummm... Who actually purposefully dresses their 8-year-old in short shorts and a tube top? This isn’t MTV! There are many questionable fashion choices out there for young girls, and I want to raise my daughter to value modesty and understand what really matters: not the bling, bows, or “it” bag, but kindness, honesty, and love. #girlpower

"Therefore, as God's chosen people, holy and dearly loved, clothe yourselves with compassion, kindness, humility, gentleness and patience."

— Colossians 3:12

Whatever your closet holds, I hope you remember you are God’s own daughter, and true beauty comes from within. This is what I want my own daughter to know about style: A passion for fashion is fun, and I hope she will cultivate a loving character and spirit of compassion to shine on the world – no matter what she wears. #clothethyself

Tell us about your funniest fashion fails in the comments below, or tag us on Facebook. Include the hashtag #clothethyself and a picture of you in your finest (or funniest!) fashion for a chance to win a cool T-shirt from Kerusso!

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